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“The only way to accomplish great things is by loving what you do.”

Our Mission with our Community

As members of Chrome Institute, we commit ourselves to promoting social and economic justice for poor and oppressed populations and enhancing the quality of life for all. We strive to maximize human welfare through: Education of effective social work leaders, practitioners and educators who will challenge injustice and promote a more humane society, and whose actions will be guided by vision, compassion, knowledge and disciplined discovery, and deep respect for cultural diversity and human strengths. Research that engenders understanding of complex social problems, illuminates human capacities for problem-solving, and promotes effective and timely social intervention.

Public service that enhances the health, well-being, and empowerment of disadvantaged communities and populations at local, national, and international levels. We embrace our position of leadership in the field of social work and join in partnership with others in society committed to solving human problems in the twenty-first century.

What We Do

Creating and innovating is our bread and butter. We strive to improve and be better each day. A day can not go by without encouraging our students to create and innovate. Creativity is a talent nurtured right from childhood. Various types of arts, crafts and hobbies expose people to a variety of skills that develop creativity. It is only when creativity is embedded into the art of design that innovation happens. Innovation can also result from a strong desire to find new or improved solutions to existing problems. However, this talent is reinforced by a creative aptitude. A combination of all these characteristics is what actually results in innovative designs, products and services—some of which can be revolutionary.

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